A brief collection of photos documenting the path of the development of the Wolves Union XX01 jean. We had a lot of fun, met great people and learned a lot along the way.

Cone Mills Denim

Our first shipment of denim – 14.75oz selvage denim from Cone Mill’s North Carolina plant. This was the beginning down a long road.

Every detail scrutinized: rivet finish, button diameter – it took us a while to find the perfect hardware to run with. YKK hooked up a great batch of classically styled, American produced hardware that we’re proud to use on our denim.

Each pair of Wolves Union jeans comes with a personally hand stamped hang tag from your’s truly.

Super stoked when this package arrived – the final patches from the good gents over at Tanner Goods. Extremely excited with the outcome.


Putting the finishing touches on the first pair of samples. One of the many advantages of having our product produced domestically is that it allows us to work hand in hand with the manufacturer to ensure that all the details come out correctly. It’s a pleasure to work with such dedicated people who take pride and care in their work – and that reflects in our jeans.

First born child.

Mosh pit stress tests. Motorhead – SF 2011.

6 Months of wear and tear, blood & grease, concerts, BBQ’s, shooting ranges, a motorcycle crash, few hundred miles on the bicycle, lots of washes and the samples are still holding strong. We’re proud to say that we’ve made a high quality men’s jean with integrity.


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